5+ Festive Ways To Celebrate Easter Day

Make a DIY Easter Basket

From simple Easter item baskets, our patterns and instructions make it easy to design a one-of-a-kind Easter basket that you'll treasure year after year.

Cook and Dye Eggs in Your Instant Pot

It takes just 6 minutes, so you can even accomplish this on Easter Sunday morning before enjoying your brunch and hot cross buns.

Craft a Spring Peony Wreath

Whether you hang it indoors or out, this DIY peony wreath will brighten your mood. The simple and short instructions take just one hour.

Discover Your New Favorite Easter Dish

Ask each family member to select their top three recipe picks, write them on separate slips of paper, toss them in a bowl, then choose one piece of paper and cook the dishes on this paper. This way is really fair. Try it!

Try a Family-Friendly Experiment

Teach your family members, especially your kids how to make showy patterned eggs with baking soda and rubber cement.

Host an Indoor Egg Hunt

This is a traditional idea but you can make it a little different. Instead of hiding eggs behind the trees or playground, you can hide them on the pillow, other places at home. Remember to note all the hiding places before digging into the chocolate bunnies.

Bake a Festive Dessert

Tell About Origins of Easter Traditions

Teach and learn some Easter traditions and how to use  symbolic Easter items. Mixing teaching easter bunny crafts. It’s so much fun!

Make an Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

Making a pizza with fruit is a way of keeping healthy. Use fruit to make egg stripes for pizza. 

Play Bunny Games


  • Hoppin' Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter Egg Poppers
  • Chickers
  • Easter Egg Bingo
  • Water Balloon "Egg" Toss