How to celebrate International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day happens on 19th November each year all over the world. Also International Men’s Day is celebrated by more than 70 countries and considered an occasion to honour all men in our life. As you know, there are so many events celebrating women's day, but men’s day is no. So for this International Men’s Day, make your men feel special and valuable to your life even if they are your father, friends, boyfriends, brothers, etc. Let’s show your love and gratitude and send them the greatest wishes and meaningful gifts.   

To help you have more suggestions for Men’s day, we recommend some ideas to make it easier to celebrate International Men’s Day. Follow one or all our recommends below: 

1. Handwritten Letter or Card

Instead of choosing beautiful fonts online and printing them into cards and letters, handwritten letters have never been seen as simple and lacking in aesthetics. Write words from your heart and send them to the important men in your life. Don't forget to give them good wishes. If you are creative, you can decorate your letter or card to make them more impressive.

2.Cook a meal

This is such an easy way to celebrate this important event. Cook a meal for your father, husband, boyfriend, best friend or son. Or if you're not confident in your cooking, you can book a restaurant your man loves and have dinner there.

3. Plan an All-boys outing 

If it’s possible, let your man hang out with his friends. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be with you, but men love to spend time with their friends too. You can buy tickets for a concert, a match or book a dinner at a restaurant that your man loves to meet his friends. Another way is Gathering all your male friends and planning an outing just for them.

4. Plan a Surprise Spa Date

Everyone loves to be beautiful and have good looks. If women prefer going to a spa, men too. So what makes you stop booking a spa date for your man? 

5. Participate in an Event

There are so many events held in your area such as Sport events, Volunteer, Car or Motorbike events. Take part in one or certain events that your man loves to join. It’s a way to show your  love.

  1. Take the day-off at work

A day for men, calls for a day-off. They may not be absent at the office for that day, but he deserves to not have a presentation and soak in the pleasure of not attending work calls.