How To Make A Thanksgiving Card On Canva - Easy DIY Thanksgiving Card 

Thanksgiving is coming closely, have you prepared for this holiday? Maybe the answer is Yes because we know, you’re so excited and creative to boom some greatest decorating ideas. You should know that decoration is one of the parts for Turkey Day. Invitation cards with messages or wishes also play an important role in a entirely Thanksgiving spirit. Today, we’re going to share you how to make a Thanksgiving card on Canva.

As you know, Canva is a well - known website where you can design and create your educational projects and business posts as well. That means, there are so many topics that you can create on your own. This web is so convenient for us to make a DIY card for every holiday season. 

Now, let’s get started.

Firstly, you have to enter and  sign up for your account. Then click Create A Design on the right above the screen.  Choose Card ( Landscape ).

When you finish opening your design, you click at “elements”  and enter the searching section and find “ thanksgiving”. There will appear a huge number of thanksgiving elements that you can choose. You can follow my suggesting idea or create your own. 


We’d like to choose this element to decor the corners of our design. After choosing an element, we Duplicate this element by clicking the duplicate symbol and flip it.

Nextly, you can choose other elements like images above. 


Now, choose round shape and adjust its size , place and shape

Next up, You click at Photo and choose any photos you love to have a good look for your card. Then click at Transparency. Adjust them until you’re satisfied with them. 

The next step is entering text. Click at Text panel and type your wordings. We recommend some wordings, wishes and sayings, you can choose one to add to your design card.

Then choose the font and adjust the text size. 

Let’s see the result:


You just need to print to achieve your last product. We hope you can design your card perfectly and send it to your loved one.