How To Make Some DIY Crafts For Mother’s Day

Let’s get creative on Mother’s day and have fun!

Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

Sometimes, simple handmade cards made by yourself are enough to make the women you love feel "vibrating" touched. With simple things, easy to find and easy to make, you can create beautiful paper cards yourself. 


  • Cardboard (light color)
  • Decorative colored paperboard
  • Toothpick or small stick
  • Milk glue
  • Drag

To make:

  • Fold the cardboard in half neatly and set it aside.
  • Cut decorative colored cardboard sheets into long strips, widths from 2mm-5mm with different lengths and sizes.
  • Roll these strips of paper around a toothpick or small stick to form a tight circle. Use glue to stick it.
  • Continue rolling to get 5 or 10 rolls of paper made into petals. (The quantity depends on the decoration you need).
  • Roll other sheets of paper of different fluidity, size, and color to create a variety of petals.
  • Use candle glue to attach the paper rolls to the card. Arrange into an eye - catching flower shape.

Felt Chick Keychains

Lovely handmade felt keychains with many funny shapes will be a unique gift for mom


  • Multi-colored felt fabric (yellow, red, white )
  • Cotton
  • Drag
  • Hot stick glue
  • Needle, thread

To make:

  • Cut the yellow felt fabric into 2 equal circles to make the chicken body.
  • Use a needle to sew 2 circles together along the contour and leave a little open for stuffing.
  • Cut the yellow fabric into small rectangles to make the hook. Fold in half and insert into the openings of the 2 circles and then sew together with a needle.
  • Turn right side out and stuff in, sew up
  • Cut 2 smaller circles of white felt and 2 smaller circles of black one. Use candle glue to stick 2 black shapes on 2 white ones and then stick the yellow circle.
  • Use red colored felt to cut into triangles to create the beak and 2 small circles to create rosy cheeks for the chicken. Create a small bow to make the chicken keychain more adorable.

Homemade mini plant pots

A homemade mini planter with a cute design will make the recipient ecstatic because of your ingenuity. With just an old light bulb, only color, wire, seedling and a few minutes, you can make your own very meaningful and beautiful gift for your mother, girlfriend, grandma.


  • The old light bulb
  • Thread, colored wool or old fabric
  • Steel wire reel
  • A few small ornamental plants (stone lotus)
  • Tweezers, scissors
  • Soil, gravel

To make:

  • Take the unused light bulb, remove the lamp holder inside.
  • Put the soil and gravel inside and then use tweezers to pick up the seedlings and plant them.
  • Wrap the wire around the neck of the lighter bulb to make a hanging rope
  • Use thread, wool or old cloth to sew around the tail to hide the steel.

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