If you believe that Halloween is exclusively for children, you are mistaken. By using your imagination and putting in some effort, your adult Halloween party can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Simply send invitations to your friends, do a little bit of preparation (remembering the spirits), and engage everyone in games like the ones suggested below. Continue reading for some spooky game ideas and ensure you have your fair share of fun.


  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • While many pumpkin carving contests are held purely for enjoyment or to utilize the pumpkin's innards for tasty treats like pumpkin pies and roasted seeds, there are also lucrative opportunities for creative carvers. Companies like Pumpkin Masters offer cash rewards of up to $5,000 for winners. Additionally, television shows such as Outrageous Pumpkins and Halloween Wars, featured on the Food Network, cater to the eerie ambiance of Halloween. Surprisingly, there are even underwater pumpkin carving contests where divers immerse themselves in oceans, lakes, and swimming pools to skillfully carve pumpkins beneath the water's surface.

  • Themed Scavenger Hunt
  • Hosting a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt during a party can be an immensely enjoyable experience. It serves as a fantastic game to be played alongside other activities. To add a spooky touch, you can hide plastic spiders, skulls, witch figurines, and even favorite candy pieces throughout your house. Just ensure that all your guests have a running list of items to find, and don't forget to have a special cocktail prepared for the winners!

  • Horror Movie Trivia
  • In how many Halloween films did Jamie Lee Curtis have a starring role? What is the title of the initial film centered around Hannibal Lechter? What is the name of the fifth installment in George Romero's Living Dead series? Film enthusiasts, particularly those who have a deep passion for a specific genre, are an endearing group that requires attention and stimulation. If you organize a trivia contest that revolves around their beloved horror and suspense genre, your group of horror and suspense aficionados will become dedicated attendees of your social gatherings.

  • Wink Murder
  • In this game, all participants gather in a circle and each draw a slip of paper from a hat. The majority of the slips have the letter "P" written on them, while two slips contain different letters—one with "M" for "Murderer" and the other with "I" for "Investigator". The participants keep their letter designation a secret, except for the person who draws the slip with "I" who becomes the Investigator. The Investigator has a single opportunity to guess the identity of the person who drew the "M" slip, representing the "Murderer". The Murderer eliminates other players in the circle by discreetly winking at them, and any guest who receives a wink must dramatically act out their "death" within 30 seconds. The Murderer wins if either the Investigator guesses incorrectly or if all the guests have been "killed".

  • Magic Potion Truth or Dare
  • Collect a set of potion bottles with gothic aesthetics and fill each bottle with a different kind of liquor. Attach a written question or personal task to each bottle, which will be revealed once the drink is finished. Each guest is then required to perform the action or task specified on the tag

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