1. Fiery Flowers Centerpiece

Collect or buy bold red and yellow blooms instead of the usual floral tones. Choose a vintage tin or other favorite vessel, then add flowers first, then mix in fall leaves, berries, magnolia leaves. Bright tip: Start to make a strong base with stiff and branchy pieces, then move to softer, delicate materials. Finish it off with a ribbon.

    2. Fabric Pumpkin Centerpiece

With this idea, create your own pumpkin by using unused or old fabric scraps. It’s so ideal for saving money, right?

To make: Start with a round piece of fabric and a ball of batting (about the size you want your finished pumpkin to be). Gather the fabric up around the ball and hot glue it together in the center. For a realistic touch, collect dried stems and attach with hot glue. Line and pile on your creations and other seasonal greenery. These would be an adorable accent to a mantel or buffet as well. Decorating this idea in a mantle or buffet is great too. 

    3. Plaid and Wood Table Setting

The spirit of fall is on display in this cozy table setting, so make it as perfect as possible you can. 

To make: First step is cutting a vintage wool blanket into placemats. Drill holes in nuts and thread with wire or twine to create napkin rings. Finally write guests’ names on spoons to create sweet place cards.

   4. Mini Pumpkin and Nut Topiaries Centerpiece

Setting this group of crafts on the table or buffet is fine. 

To make the nut topiaries, lightly spray styrofoam craft balls with brown paint. When sprayed the balls, hot glue nuts to styrofoam balls in an orderly pattern you want. Fill any gaps with hazelnuts. The good look for topiaries is working from the top. Leave space at bottom to rest on top of candlestick bases. Attach with hot glue, as needed.

To make the pumpkin and squash topiaries, remove stems, except for the top ones. Stack two pumpkins and secure using small wooden skewers or toothpicks. Skewer the bottom piece and place into crocks filled with floral foam or tiny branches. 

    5. Felt Pie-Slice Garland

Decorate the dining room with this easy-as-pie craft.

Make the Garland: Cut triangles from fall colors felt ( red, orange, brown). hot-glue cut out thanksgiving images in the center of the triangle. Attach twine to the backs with hot-glue for hanging.

    6. Fall Themed Porch Decor

It’s so easy to make this DIY craft. A medium basket filled with very small pumpkins, gourds, leaves and hang them on the door. Put some wood logs and pumpkins along the entryway. Now, a fall romantic scene is appearing. 

    7. Trim Decor Pumpkin

Order the sewing section to create this sweet pumpkin. Simply attach lengths of sewing trim to the top and bottom of a pumpkin, and stick them by hot candle glue.

   8. Pine Cone Wreath

Collect a few pine cones from your garden or your neighbours’ yards and clean them.

To make: Wrap a 15 to 17-inch wreath form with burlap ribbon and loop a piece around the wreath form for hanging. Paint the tips of pine cones in fall colors with acrylic paint. Brush the tips of 10 pine cones with matte Mod Podge and sprinkle with gold and copper glitter. Once dry, wrap an 18-inch length of floral wire around the base of each pinecone and twist ties around the wreath form to secure, layering and overlapping them as you go.

    9. Apple Candleholders

Apple - you can take advantage of making apple cake, however, today, let them be candle holders with your DIY creativity. 

To make: Use a paring knife to cut a 1-inch deep hole in the top of a few apples, slightly narrower than the candles, and wedge the candles in. Display alone or with stacked apples and seeded eucalyptus on a neutral cake stand.

    10. Paper Leaves Wreath


The guests will be extremely impressed when they are greeted with homemade crafts. It looks difficult to make a wreath with paper . But things are not as you think.

To make: Take advantage of old paper and newspapers and then cut out a 3-inch wide maple leaf shape. It’s about more than 100 leaves. Make a hole in the stem with each leaf. Attach layered leaves to a 16-inch wreath form with hot-glue, layering and overlapping them as you go. Hang with a burlap ribbon.

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