How is good Halloween makeup?

On Halloween evening, So many people are getting into a special personality on their own and being really creative. You can't go wrong if you feel confident for sure. You’re beginners, you should focus on a basic look to recreate. If you have more experiences on Halloween or any eves makeup, try working with scar wax or adding extra elements to your work, for a more creative and new look. Also, adding lashes to any look really raises it up from "simple" to "surprised." If you think that your makeup efforts aren't what you expected, just add some fake blood to any look and it will extremely be a gory success.

What are some tips for shopping thrift for Halloween?

Always keeping an open mind when thrifting for anything is a big deal with anyone, but especially for Halloween. Brainstorm and think outside the box! You can make some DIY things with just about any costume or thrifted item.  Remember, Halloween evening just lasts a few hours. Don't be afraid to look in different sections, such as the men's section if you normally shop in the women's.  At the end of the day, you're definitely comfortable in what you're wearing and enjoy fun!

Do you see any trends this year for Halloween?

There are many Halloween makeup trends from movies and cartoons. And simply wear a t-shirt or hoodie with a nice halloween logo  to play halloween. But scary makeup looks are funnier.

How can accessories and wigs make your costumes more unique?

A wig can roleplay definitely off any character look. There are many kinds of wigs you can take advantage of, such as curly green hair like Joker, etc. You know, if you don’t want to mix with any clothes and complex suits, a wig alone can even be your costume.

Do you have any suggestions for a couple's costumes? Or kids costumes?

Couple’s costumes are fancy to see, we can choose some same things and funny.

For kids' costumes, no need to wear complicated clothes at Malls. When using makeup on kids' faces, less is more because children’s skin is so sensitive ! So I wouldn't go out and buy anything fancy for small children--just need a good waterproof eyeliner goes a long way in creating a memorable character for them.

Anything else you would like to add about Halloween makeup?

Just have fun, you might actually surprise yourself at your creation and don't be too hard on yourself!  Halloween is an occasion to enjoy fun and relax with friends and family. Happy Halloween!

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