Easy DIY Halloween shirts with your Cricut

DIY your own Halloween shirts in minutes! Each t-shirt design is a Halloween Cricut project you can customize. You just need to pick up some t-shirts and your favorite Halloween iron-on vinyl colors. Let's make some scary Halloween shirts!


To begin, open Cricut Design Space and click on the “Projects” tab. You can search for any of the Halloween shirts by name in the “search projects” box or simply click on the desired link:


    Follow the instructions as noted in Design Space to cut the different layers of vinyl for the design. You should using Everyday Iron-on for these shirts because it works great with a variety of base materials including both cotton and blended fabrics, and it has been proven to outlast 50+ washes.

Use your weeding tools to remove the excess negative pieces from the design. If you don’t have a hooked weeding tool yet, I highly recommend getting your hands on one – it’s my most favorite Cricut hand tool of all.

   After your design has been cut and weeded, start to iron. You should to use EasyPress 2, it’s available in three different sizes! *cue all the shrieking and squealing! The new EP2 even faster heat-up, higher temperatures (up to 400 degrees), and a streamlined base for even easier storage. You’ll get the same cutting-edge even heating with professional iron-on results in 60 seconds or less!

Place the iron-on design on to your shirt in the desired position.

For 100% cotton youth tee, using the 9×9 EasyPress 2 and followed the recommendations shown above – 315 degrees and 30 seconds.  9×9 is the best choice (the same as the classic EasyPress) because it works well for a variety of surfaces and applications.


As a result we will have a beautiful and lovely shirt like this... It's too simple, isn't it? Let's do it now.

Source: #Heidi