How to clean Cricut mat and make it stick again

You're a crafting lover or really interested in DIY products. To enjoy your passion, you’ve just bought a Cricut machine and accessories. I believe that it wastes a lot of money for them. Therefore, the good way to save your money is to be careful in using materials, machines and accessories.

 How to clean them in the right way is a hard question, especially the Cricut mat. 

There are many kinds of  Cricut mats, each kind having its own functions. For example, the blue mat is a kind of mat that has a light grip. It can be used in cutting paper, thin cardstock, and vinyls. The green mat  is a standard mat and available for medium - weight materials such as glitter cardstock and glitter iron - on, cardboard. The Pink mat - it’s specific for fabrics. The purple mat, it can handle heavy materials like wood, thick cardstock, chipboard and leather. 

You should know that, with the Green, Blue and Purple mats, you can clean them in one way, however, for the Fabris mats, you have to take care of them in a special way. If they are covered by much dust and debris,  they can’t be sticky anymore, you have to throw them away. You know, you must spend lots of money to buy a new one. Due to this reason, I’d like to write this post - How To Clean Cricut Mat And Make It Stick Again. I think my ideas will work for you.

  1. How to clean your Cricut mats.

It’s the fact that you can make hundreds of projects with Cricut mats with many kinds of material including paper, fabris, cardstock as well as wood. It will leave on your Cricut mat’s surface a lot of dust from these materials, glitter and felt especially. And from time to time, your mat can't be adhesive. I will give you some tips to clean your mats up. To clean mats, you should purchase some supplies that I recommend below.

  • Tweezers: for the bigger particles, you can use tweezers to remove them. However, with smaller dust, tweezers can threaten your mats because they can’t make the scratch marks on your mats’ surfaces. 

  • Transfer tape

Transfer tape can be used for cleaning the Pink grip (mat). A fabric grid is a special mat that can stick materials though fabrics fibers stuck on. However, it can be dirtier than other mats when it works with felt. So using Transfer tape is a bright way to save your mat. 

How to use Transfer tape? It’s so easy to use. Let check some small step below:

  • Cut pieces of tape that fits to the mat’s size and place it on top.
  • Press tape into mat and smooth as long as the tape sticks well. 
  • Pull the Transfer tape up and then you can see the scarps come up with tape. 

This cleaning idea is appreciated by lots of crafters because it’s so easy to take and safe for mats and people as well.

  • Baby wipes

This can be consumed for mats except Pink mats.  After picking the bigger debris, baby wipes can push small dust. Remember to not use alcohol  wipes and try to wipe lightly. 

  • Soap and water:

The trick of using water can remove almost the dirt on your mat. You just need to run your mats under warm water and use an old brush to release all the dust and dirt. If water is not enough for cleaning, you can get soap to soak. After five to ten minutes, you wash away the soap and leave the mat dry. 

Cleaning mats is so significant for a perfect project. You can use any tips you want to protect your mats from dust. I firmly believe that all the tips and tricks I gave are effective immediately. 


  1. How to make your Cricut mats adhesive again. 

Sometimes, to re - adhesive your mats, you just need to clean them all. However, cleaning may not be enough to keep it sticky. So you have to find another way to make it sticky again. Don’t think about using a clue to cover the sticky surface because it will damage your Cricut machine for sure. 

If you try some tips to re - stick your mats, but it wastes your time and efforts, you can buy a new one.

I’ll give three steps:

First step is cleaning your mat with a cleaning tool or soap and water.

Next step is keeping your mat’s corners by tape.

Next up, apply new adhesive. In this step you can buy “spray n bond basting adhesive”. You can follow the guidance on the back of this product.

 The final step is just waiting for dried - adhesive 5 to 10 minutes. 

That’s all my ideas, and I really hope that you can give more ideas in the comment section below. And I have some posts that are useful for you in using Cricut craft.